Having a dog as a pet offers joy and excitement but you may also come across several issues particularly if the dog is not trained. Dogs are playful, active and enthusiastic. They can destroy furnishings in just a wag of the tail and they can disturb your neighbours once they barked uncontrollably once they heard something mysterious at night. Obviously, most dog owners would wish for their dogs to behave normally. Nevertheless, it can be impossible because you need to take time in training your dog friend.

Using of dog training collars is one of the important tools in training your pet. It is not used as a form of abuse, but it is intended for obedience training and disciplinary measures. Likewise, it can also help your dog in learning the basic tricks and commands that will make your dog well-mannered and bred. The advantage of using the dog collar is that it suitable for training any breed or size of the dog. It is not only designed to confine your dog within the premises but also when having a walk with your pet.

The typical electric dog fence can keep your dog active and allow he or she to work out typically 5-10 times more than a dog without one of these types of fences. You can have a professional like invisible fence install the system for you, or you use a retail brand system like petsafe fence systems and install your own dog fence. While these systems can be quite effective at keeping your dog safely contained, many animal advocacy groups like P.I.T.A.

Groups like Peta think these types of systems are cruel and unusual and we at Kosovo Dog Shelter do not advocate these types of systems.

Also consider a DIY electric dog fence system and consider different vendors for upgrading your wire from eBay and Amazon invisible dog fence wire.

There  is a wide array of dog collars available in the market that is why it can be confusing making the right choice. That is why it is important to take into account several considerations in order to select the right collar appropriate to your dog.

Most dog owners are hesitant to buy dog collars as they think about the financial aspect. There are different types to select that would cost cheap or pricey depending on the quality and usage. Obviously, if you want an efficient and quality collar, then you should choose the expensive one. However, if you do not have enough funds to cover hefty price tag, then you can opt for the cheaper dog collar. Nevertheless, in order to provide comfort to your dog during training, it is ideal to select the one with superior quality.

Purpose and functionality

Taming your dog friend is the main objective of using the training collar. On the other hand, it is also important to consider the importance of humane treatment in choosing the collar. In fact, different collars are designed for different purposes and functionality. That is why it is essential to select the one that would answer your needs and work best for your dog.


Another factor to consider in purchasing dog collar is the size. As much as possible, you should not depend on guessing game. It is not enough to ensure that the collar would fit into your dog’s neck, but you should also look for extra features.

Types of the training collar

As mentioned earlier, there are different types of dog collars. That is why you can ensure finding the right collar that would work best in training your dog. The choke collars are commonly used in dog training, but you need to be very careful as it may cause the dog to cough when it tightens on the neck. The pinch collars works the same way with the choke collars.

However, it pushes the neck a little once the dog barks. That is why it is safer to use this type of collar as it does not cause any injury. Another type of dog collar is the electronic that gives off electric shock to your pet. It comes with remote control, but it is not commonly used as it is considered inhumane.

On the other hand, as you wish to tame the behavior of your dog, you should remember that it is not an easy endeavor. It requires professional skills in order to train the dog effectively. In fact, most professional dog trainers are working out different ways in training your pet. It is not enough just to use the dog collar, but you can also change the behavior by implementing positive and negative reinforcement as well as positive and negative punishment. Nevertheless, if the behavior of your dog cannot be reinforced, the best thing to do is extinction.

There are instances in which a human being does not behave properly unless being teach. This is also true with dogs as they need to be trained in order to learn. However, to ensure that the dog will not run around during the training, using of dog collar is employed. Nevertheless, while using the dog collar the owner should always keep in mind to also consider the safety and comfort of his pet.

This means that it is important to always prioritize the safety of your dog. Otherwise, giving some harm may lead to untoward behavior and not following the tricks. This makes sense of talking with your dog just like humans so that your pet would feel that you are concerned. Showing them importance is another way of taming the behavior of your dog even without using a dog collar.